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Series: NinRai

Series: NinRai

MissAdventures For Two

Genre: Fantasy, Action, Adventure, Comedy

Rating: PG 14+

Price: Free

Kairo and his rabbit partner Arubi are on a quest to fill their stomachs. The tinkling of coins lures them into Waslan City; a place full of grumpy Dwarfs, Dark Elfs in spandex, butt-proud Camtours, and many wonderful creatures.

Before they can reach their goal, they need to cross three rings of purgatory. Let's not forget hordes of puns and Easter Eggs behind every corner.

Wacky adventure alert!

"Hush, hush, little girl." The old man rocked a small child. "Stop your tears. Here is a story, perk your ears." He patted the girl between her cat ears. "Let me tell you about misadventures of a boy named Kairo and his rabbit partner Arubi from beyond three towering mountains and two bubbling rivers."

"What misadventures, Grandpa?" The girl stopped her sobbing, wiping the last tear with her clenched paw.

"A many jaw-dropping adventures with butt-proud Camtaurs, Dark Elves in spandex, a cat acrobat or a band of Rorty Thieves with a mountain of treasures hiding in a desert."

"I love treasures!" The girl threw her arms in the air, crowing.

"Then listen closely. Let the story unfold in front of you."

The girl's eyes widened. Her lips spread into a wide smile, showing sharp fangs. The bruised knee stopped hurting with her grandpa's words.

Series: NinRai

Face Stealer

Genre: Fantasy, Action, Adventure, Comedy

Rating: PG 14+

Price: TBA

Kairo had faced many obstacles from closed inns to last-minute dine-and-dash escapades, but this time he may come face to face with his ugliest nemesis. Kairo never cared for his face, but he may lose it literally (figures, this is a book ¯\_(ツ)_/¯)

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Note: All information here is a work in progress and so it can change.

Standalone book

Golden Pear

Genre: Teen-fiction, reverse harem, slow burn, comedy

Rating: PG 13+

Price: Free

When Freya Inuhakka, a burn survivor, receives a pear enchanted to give her either beauty, wisdom, or power, she chooses her own fate by throwing it away.


Freakish and weird are words describing Freya Inuhakka. This label isn't for her flaming red hair, nor green eyes, countless freckles, or biracial heritage. It's the burnt part of her face that sets her apart. 

The endless taunts from bullies have hardened her heart. However, her life turns upside-down when she receives the Golden Pear. 

All she needs to do is to give it to one of three handsome guys to receive a great bargain in return - endless knowledge, everlasting beauty, or unbeatable muscles. 

Any of those at her fingertips. 

But not every gift brings happiness.

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